By: Jagdeep Singh

Exponentially Increasing Information

Tags: Exponentially Increasing Information

We now have web in our pockets, as part of our smart phones, and it is always turned on. We share, or at least have the easy ability to share, all aspects of our lives. The trick is to navigate all this information effectively. Share critical info such as what merchants to trust, where to obtain food, what animals to eat, where to get supplies and which service providers to go to. Humans were al...Read More

By: Jagdeep Singh

Taxes and the Home Buyer

Tags: Taxes and the Home Buyer

You are in the market to buy a home and are not sure how the HST impacts you situation, or even if you are a home owner, at some point when you sell, you will hopefully buy. Either way, the following may help you understand how the taxes will apply to your situation. Please note that the following is for general information only. For complete details, please visit   Th...Read More

By: Jagdeep Singh

How is the Market?

Tags: How is the Market?

With the 1st Quarter of 2012 already behind us, I have been asked the 'evergreen' question; How's the Market? We all know that it depends on what you are planning on doing, and that is why a personal consultation with a REALTOR is irreplaceable. However, let us look at the general market indicators. In January we looked at the market ( so this sho...Read More

By: Jagdeep Singh

Save on Interest Payments

Tags: Save on Interest Payments

If you ever watch HGTV Canada, you’ve most likely seen shows like “Til Debt Do Us Part” or Slice channel’s “Princess” – shows that bring in a professional to help people come to their senses and manage their debt. Everywhere you turn these days, you’ll hear people talking about debt. The economic crisis in the United States and Europe has shone...Read More