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Market: What do you make of it?

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Compared to last year, July sales are down, new listings slightly up, average price up by 5% Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® reported 5,921 residential transactions through TREB’s MLS® System in July 2017. This result was down by 40.4% on a year- over-year basis, led by the detached market segment – both in the City of Toronto and surrounding regions. While sales were down, the...Read More

Market Update: What a change

By: Jagdeep Singh

Market Update: What a change

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The Toronto market has cooled off considerably after the Ontario government unveiled a housing-reform package in April, which included a non-resident speculation tax.  In May I had published the month over month stats, that are typically not available in that manner. Most reports will look at year over year numbers. However the monthly trending provides a vision into how truly the market is ...Read More

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Market Update: What a change a month makes

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In April, I wrote about Ontario government's intervention in to the provincial real estate market. There were 16 initiatives proposed, most of which were retroactively effective from the date of the announcement. Let's face it: these were mainly directed at the Greater Toronto Area's real estate market however it had a far reaching impact on the Greater Golden Horseshoe area....Read More

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Toronto Market - Video

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Government Intervention - Ontario Real Estate

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A general consensus is forming that Ontario government's intervention without any comprehension of the real problem is only going to result in temporary apprehension in the real estate market. These “wide reaching measures” that some of the province’s mayors warn could actually reduce available housing.  We add roughly 100,000 people to GTA each year, and have done so a...Read More

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Skyscraper Prices; Sky is the Limit

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Lifestyle choices, perks and in some cases simply the unaffordability of houses are among some of the driving factors behind condo price surge. The average condo prices in 416 and 905 have jumped double digits. However, the exact increase varies depending on where the apartment building is located. In my March 2017 newsletter, I published a condo heat map. Included with this heat map was a report ...Read More

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Everyone Wants to Know This

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  Reasons GTA housing prices are high and why are they going to keep going up. Toronto real estate prices keep going up, and there are solid reasons behind this phenomenon. Let’s look at each one of them. Low borrowing rates: Mortgage rates have been historically low for a few years. That is why the federal government had to come up with policies to implement higher qualifying rates. ...Read More

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Putting up a Fight

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REALTORs are at it again. We have rolled up our sleeves yet again, to fight for the home buyers and sellers of Toronto. A few years ago, Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) and the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) were fighting the City of Toronto’s proposal for a 2nd land transfer tax. Politicians did what they normally do, not listen to the residents of their city. They seem to listen o...Read More

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Mortgage Insurance Premiums Rising

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As of March 2017, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMCH) will be increasing mortgage insurance premiums. The increase stems from the mortgage rule changes that took place last year. If you are looking to get a new mortgage or looking to buy a home, do so by the end of February 2017. Waiting will only cost you more, and the increase in insurance premiums is just a part of it. ...Read More

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Real Estate of a Different Kind

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For one reason or another, Canada is viewed as the best place to live in the world. The reasons are different for different people. Some come here for financial prosperity while for others it is a safe haven to escape from persecution. Canada is not just a piece of real estate albiet real estate with peace. Peace that was hard earned. Canada and most of the western countries ar...Read More