Toronto Infrastructure; Critically Important for Canada

By: Jagdeep Singh

Toronto Infrastructure; Critically Important for Canada

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Enter Blog Post HereInfrastructure spending in Ontario has gone down and this could have long term affects on the province’s economy for years to come.

The federal government has fallen behind on its commitment to invest in Ontario’s infrastructure, like transit and transportation. A sluggish economy, not to mention inadequate transit and transportation, will adversely affect real estate, especially in Toronto - Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis (CANCEA), A report commissioned by Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario, Infrastructure Update 2018: Ontario Infrastructure Investment—Federal and Provincial Risks & Rewards.

Infrastructure investment peaked eight years ago when 4.2% of GDP was spent. However, it has since diminished, with the decade-low occurring in 2016 when only 2.4% of GDP was invested. Toronto represents close to 40% of the provincial economy, so any numbers that show a downward trend for the province are likely to have the same negative impact on Toronto

Toronto is the largest city, from a population point of view, and we’re growing by about 100,000 people per year, so investment in infrastructure is very critical, not only to #GTA and to the province of #Ontario, but to the whole of Canada. 

Considering population growth and the corresponding increase in the economy, $53 billion more should have been spent.

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